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Pregnancy Program : Prenatal, Lactation & Pediatric Nutrition Counseling

Pregnancy program by Sonali Shivlani

Are you ready for the most exciting journey of your life?

CLAY presents A to Z Programs for Mothers to be and the new Moms and is the only program in the city which includes spouse involvement at every stage. So bring your partner along as you prepare for this wonderful journey to Motherhood. Specially formulated and conducted by our expert Sonali Shivlani – Internationally Certified Child Birth Trainer and Lactation Counselor. Here’s what we offer.

Sonali Shivlani

Sonali is an Internationally Certified Child Birth and Lactation Educator. She completed her certification from CAPPA – U.S.A. in April 2004.

Sonali’s Pregnancy Program has been part of the services at CLAY Wellness for the last 5 years and has seen more than 2000 expectant couples undergo this unique pregnancy program which focuses on customized personal support for each and every couple preparing them not only for the pregnancy and the birth but also for the months thereafter.

In October 2009, Sonali has taken up the post of Executive Director – CAPPA (India) to bring all the International CAPPA Birth Professional courses to the Indian sub-continent. CAPPA is the first International organization in this field to have a full fledged base in India. Sonali is also an accredited La Leche League Leader, is on the panel of Mother and Baby a premier parenting magazine and Indiwo, a TV18 venture.

PreConception Counseling:

A session for both partners which includes Diet Planning, Exercises, Psychological Preparation.

Ante-Natal Program:

Option 1: For our first time parents - A complete program which includes Diet and nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, Dos and Dont's, Myths and Misconceptions, Prenatal Exercises, Breast Feeding, Early Infant Care, Post Natal Care and Recovery for Mom, Preparation for Labor and Delivery, and Breathing Exercises, and more.

Option 2: Regular Exercise and Breathing Classes organised as group sessions. Customised, Safe and under supervision and sought after by both First time and Second time parents.

Post Natal Program:

The post natal period is a roller coaster period and you don't know what hit you. You find it difficult to make time for important aspects of this phase namely Lactation, Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition. Take advantage of our one on one sessions to make your post natal recovery smooth and complete.

Pediatric Nutrition Analysis:

A great springboard for future health.
Sonali also recommends a periodic Nutrition Analysis for your child, to help in healthy weaning and also provide solutions that help mothers combat present day fast food culture. This assessment includes a complete nutrient analysis which will list child’s intakes and deficiencies (if any), foods to be introduced to cover the deficiencies and an ideal meal plan.